The Ware River slope stabilization project involved the construction of a new retaining wall to reinforce a failed slope in New Braintree, MA along the Right-of-way of an active railroad corridor. The original design provided by the client included a drilled soldier pile and precast lagging retaining wall. Manafort worked with the owner and designer and provided a value engineering design which changed the wall to a driven pile, with cast in place concrete pile cap, and precast concrete block retaining wall. With the change in wall type a credit was issued and approved by the owner.

The project was only accessible by hi-rail equipment so all equipment and materials were transported by Manafort via hi-rail equipment from a nearby grade crossing to the project site. The project consisted of 39 HP 14×89 driven piles, a cast in place reinforced pile cap, 2,067 SF RECON block retaining wall, rip rap slope stabilization, and wetland restoration.

Manafort served as Prime Contractor for the project and self-performed a majority of the work including the driven piles, retaining wall installation, all hi-rail equipment moves and rip rap slope stabilization.


The Lynn Station is part of the MBTA’s Newburyport/Rockport Commuter Rail system. The Station is an elevated center platform with inbound and outbound tracks. The outbound track was a direct fixation type track and the concrete holding the direct fixation was past its useful life.

Manafort was contracted by the MBTA’s commuter rail operator, Keolis, to replace the 530 feet of direct fixation track with a ballasted track. Work involved mobilizing and demobilization equipment on hi-rail to the project site, removal of the existing rail, demolition of the concrete slab, installation of ballast, installation of wood railroad ties, re-installation of rail, thermite welding, and destressing of the track. Work was completed during weekend track outages and track was returned to the railroad on time at the end of each weekend.

Manafort served as the sole subcontractor for the project and self-performed all work.


Quonset Development Corporation contracted Manafort Transit to demolish an existing seaplane ramp in North Kingston, RI. The work consisted of installation and maintenance of a turbidity barrier around the site, demolishing the 200 ft. long by 50 ft. wide reinforced concrete ramp which included the extraction of approximately 224 creosoted timber piles, 56 concrete pile caps, concrete beam between pile caps, and the concrete deck structure.

Access to the site from land to the water was not provided by the owner due to site restrictions. As a result, all materials, equipment, and debris had to be transported to and from the site via barges and tugboats.

Manafort served as the Prime Contractor for the project and self-performed all the work.


As part of the South Coast Rail Project, this contract involved the rehabilitation of 29 at-grade railroad crossings on the Middleboro Subdivision, Framingham secondary, Cape Main, Falmouth Line, and South Line. Preparation work for each crossing was performed Monday thru Friday during normal business hours. Track and crossing replacement was performed during track outages on the weekends. Tracks were always returned to the Railroad on time and without restrictions.

Work consisted of demolition & disposal of existing track structure including asphalt, rail seal, railroad ties, OTM and ballast, furnish and installation of new ballast, rail, railroad ties with OTM, regular and compromise joints, thermite welds, pre-cast concrete grade crossing panels, surface / align / tamping of grade crossing and approaches, hot mix asphalt, and restoration of railroad right of way as needed.

Manafort served as Prime Contractor for the project and self-performed all work except hot mix asphalt paving.