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    Boston College St Mary’s Hall




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Manafort Precision was selected for a renovation project at Boston College campus in St. Mary’s Hall. The majority of this renovation required making improvements to the original structure of the historic Jesuit living quarters and St. Mary’s Chapel, the creation of new offices, conference spaces, and an underground parking structure. The project consisted of architectural concrete, cast in place concrete, and grout work. Manafort Precision provided all of the labor, material, equipment, and supervision necessary to complete all of the concrete needed for this project. The work was kept in house due to the depth of layout experience from the Manafort Precision team.

The renovations for this project required drilling and doweling into existing surfaces for proper adhesion. This project utilized the BIM 360 Glue software system which enabled the seamless and efficient renovation coordination between Manafort Precision and the General Contractor, Shawmut Design and Construction. Over 60 subcontractors were directed using this software to ensure that the authenticity of the building was preserved. Manafort Precision is highly skilled in the restoration and renovation of concrete surfaces and structural elements and the team played a key role in the proper execution of reconstruction to complete this historic renovation.

Manafort Precision completed all of the site concrete inclusive of duct bank encasement, grade beams at all exterior stairs and entry areas, aprons for entry doors, transformer and generator pads, the footing for mock up panels, bollards, signs, the concrete curbs ramps and bases for site lighting, and new sidewalks at the entryway of the building. A portion of the work included furnishing and installing miscellaneous patches and infills by grouting or drilling, and reinforcing existing surfaces with grout as required. The entirety of this project totaled 115,000 SF of renovations that spanned over two years. The challenge for this project was working within a historic structure amidst the busy and functioning academic environment of Boston College. The Manafort Precision team handled the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and flow to provide the overall success of this project.

The Boston College St. Mary’s Hall restoration received the 2015 Tsongas Award from Preservation Massachusetts.